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Many millions of people volunteer for immigrants. They are supported, among others, by full-time integration pilots.

The welfare associations and numerous districts and independent cities look after and advise people with a migration history in Bavaria. Its refugee and integration advisors offer newly immigrated, persons entitled to stay with a migration history as well as asylum seekers a professional, needs-oriented and target group-specific advisory service.


If you want to volunteer, please contact the full-time integration pilots, for example - an up-to-date map with contact details can be found at


Full-time integration pilots - Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Sport and Integration


one of the local charities or to the coordination centres for civic engagement in the districts and independent cities. Often, the city or municipal administrations, parishes or volunteer agencies also provide volunteers. In addition, there are often circles of helpers or private initiatives that are happy to accept committed volunteers into their circle.


In Bavaria, almost half of the over 14-year-olds are involved in voluntary work, which is about 5.2 million citizens. Among other things, they also contribute to successful integration.


Volunteering works best when there are reliable structures. On the basis of the Advisory and Integration Directive, the Free State of Bavaria supports the volunteers in the municipalities through full-time integration pilots. These are active at the municipal level as coordinators, networkers and as competent and reliable contact persons for the volunteers for all questions relating to integration and asylum.


The integration pilots support and inform the volunteers and train them according to their needs. The volunteers meet the immigrants at "eye level". They convey the norms and values of our society and help newcomers to find their way in their new homeland. In doing so, they provide information and assistance in various areas of society, for example initial information about the education system, day-care centres or schools as well as the German health system; they support people in finding accommodation and work and provide impulses for leisure activities and social training.


Would you like to learn more about volunteering and integration? In addition to links and addresses, you will find numerous ideas and examples of successful civic engagement in the field of integration in our information portal. Come and have a look!


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